Gujarat no Tahuko 2017

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KalaKunj , an art  organization, providing platform to local artist to demonstrate their talents
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9 thoughts on “Gujarat no Tahuko 2017”

  1. Kala Kunj is platform for local artist to demonstrate their talents.
    We are committed to promote our culture and heritage through performing art.
    Our show of May 6th , Gujarat No Tahuko will showcase our efforts.
    Please come , enjoy and be proud to be Gujarati.

  2. Kala Kunj is bringing unique programs every year and encouraging local artists and providing platform to perform their talent and entertain Houstonians.

  3. Year over year Kala Kunj is growing in the quality and artists’ level of performance in its annual program. What a phenomenal four hours of entertainment we had. And all of it in Gujarati. Way beyond my expectations!

  4. Great Program from our local Houston Artist, Good Job Rashesh Dalal & Vinay Vora, Enjoyed very much.

  5. From Start to end, full of entertainment and the Chief Guest Shobhitbhai’s address was gem of it. Congratulations to Rasheshbhai and Vinaybhai.

  6. ‘Gujarat no Tahuko’ performance, on May 6, will go down as a most memorable event in our memories. Three hours of not-stop entertainment by young and old artists who you know in our community was treat in itself. Special treats were; monologue by Shaubhit Desai, a short play ‘Ulta Chasma’, hi-energy Bollywood dance by ‘Infusion Performing Art’, cultural dances by young boys and girls of our community. If I may, I have one suggestion for the future shows. It is better to present fewer high quality performances than try to fill 3 hours of stage time with ‘half-hearted’ items.

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